Fuji Rock 2012

A brief yet amazing trip to Japan this past July for the 2012 Fuji Rock Festival. By far the best music festival Garth and I have ever been too. It was my first time camping, I was secretly excited about it. 15,000 tents, 1am dinners, 3am showers and a spider bite, I think ‘tent city’ was a good place to start! We walked so much that by day 3 it was painful to walk – our poor feet!

There was an incredible selection of musical artists and a fun artistic atmosphere, in amoungst the forrest, a strong sense of nature, Eco living and recyclers, amazing people who respect themselves and others around them. Who knew 110,000 people could all be silent simultaneously during Radiohead that you could hear Thom York talking to his guitar tech on stage!

If you ever have a chance to go, do it!