Tokyo & Fuji-San

In 2008 on our way back from Europe we stopped at Japan. It was our first trip there, and it was nothing less than mind blowing.  Tokyo has a special preconceived idealised ‘greatest city of the world’ expectation to live up too. It does however have more to offer than fluorescent lights, busy crossings and Harajuku girls. We arrive for our very short stay right into the middle of a Japanese summer, hot, humid, the sounds if cicada filling the air, and the melee that is Tokyo at any day or time of the week but is a well oiled machine where people get about and on with their day to day activities without difficulty. This album is a little more touristic than usual, it includes Fuji-san and the Lake Ashi at Hakone, the Imperial Palace gardens and the usual sites such as Shibuya, Harajuku and Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Park where all gamut of exciting things can happen on the weekend, Tokyo Tower and a bullet train.