New Zealand – South Island

Over a three week period in the winter of 2010, Garth and I went to New Zealand and drove around a large majority of the south island. I had always wanted to go there to snowboard but didn’t quite know what I was in for. Saw incredible views, mountains high up in the clouds, saw lots and lots of wildlife, the famous Fiords at Milford Sound and no trip would be complete without me losing my purse and having to drive and hour back to the Moeraki Boulders from Oamaru to find it.  We were exceptionally lucky as we got to see Christchurch right before the huge earthquakes levelled much of the city.

So like many travellers who have retured, I love have fallen straight in love and can’t wait to return.

Instead of the run of the mill holiday snaps,  for this album, I have selected the images I shot on my little 35mm Pentax, all black and white.