New Caledonia

I went on a wonderful beach holiday to New Caledonia a few years ago for my birthday. I have spared you any “me posing here” shots and picked the more interesting ones. I hadn’t been there in many years and was looking forward to going back.

It pretty much was one unfortunate event after another: panic attack on the plane, a workers protest with the ferry company that was suppose to take us to to Ilse of Pine, the company didn’t tell us there was a protest and left us on a dock in the dark, eventual severe sea sickness on the ferry, a cock up with dinner that had ben paid for and sat there wondering why we had no food, a banging and broken water pipe in our hotel room which kept us up all night, being on an island day trip with a boat load of Aussies from a P&O cruise.

It was actually all quite comical.

Highlights were however, exploring some old penal colony ruins on the Isle of Pine, swimming in clear blue water, jumping off the side of a boat to snorkel, climbing one of the tallest lighthouses in the world and visiting the very cool Tjibaou Cultural Centre.

So despite all the cock-ups, we still had a great time.