Fuji Rock Festival

A brief yet amazing trip to Japan this past July for the 2012 Fuji Rock Festival. By far the best music festival Garth and I have ever been too. It was my first time camping, I was secretly excited about it. 15,000 tents, 1am dinners, 3am showers and a spider bite, I think ‘tent city’ was a good place to start! We walked so much that by day 3 it was painful to walk – our poor feet!

There was an incredible selection of musical artists and a fun artistic atmosphere, in amongst the forrest, a strong sense of nature, Eco living and recyclers, amazing people who respect themselves and others around them. Who knew 110,000 people could all be silent simultaneously during Radiohead that you could hear Thom York talking to his guitar tech on stage!

If you ever have a chance to go, do it!


YAY flags!

We made it to the festival site

Arriving at tent city

Tina's first time in a tent!

Our fantastic view - for now

WOO! festival preview

some light installations

Dinner time

Fuckin' yummy burger - WTF?

chillin' in the green trees

Garth in the green light of the trees

Green trees

spooky green trees

a hammock for later

Teru teru bozu - please no rain!

Tent city asleep - kind of!

Day 1 - Let's Go!

we have to walk over towards that building

lower levels of tent city

it wouldn't be a Japanese summer without watermelon

motor cycle parking

Here we go!

Tina and Garth and the Fuji Rock entry

setting up for the day

picnicking at the green stage

Ed Sheeran

Green stage

Hiding from the heat

access from entry at the back of green stage

I feel like im being watched

Art installation through forest walk

Giant eyeballs

so many eyeballs

Art installation on a bridge over the river

Fuji Rocks are watching

cooling off

Fuji Rockers

Tina by the river

Aww cute!

much happier with cold feet

Special Aussie Fuji Rocks

Boardwalk access to back of the festival

Another friend

Along the boardwalk

most of the boardwalk was painted by past rockers

Mini forest stage along boardwalk - Onda Vaga

having a dance

Field of Heaven entry

Orange Court access

Hi there!

More festival art

Hello down there!

cooling off on Friday

Flippin' burgers

cooling off after lunch

Tina by the river

Three little pigs

The Kensington Hillbillys

Some mice, some cats and a giant cheese

a furry rock

Forest walk installation at night

Fallen star

The eyes at night

Night sky over Green Stage

Morning of day 2 - new tent city arrivals

The crowd hanging out at Green Stage

Chillin' at Day Dreaming and Silent Breeze stage at the summit or Naeba

We met Office Barbecue - crazy guys!

Summit at Naeba ski resort

Green Stage crowd growing

We are all going to White Stage or Orange Court - Shuffle shuffle!

Kids play area

Che Sudaka at Cafe de Paris

Cooling down at a quieter part of the river

Mountain Mocha Kilamanjaro at Orange Court

The toilet line - keep going about 30 meters until you get there!

Hanging out at Orange Court

These people were having a great time dancing in the trees

Here we are together!

Growing crowd

Garth at Caribou

Caribou at White Stage

I loved this guys t-shirt



Walking along boardwalk to Green Stage to see the Specials

After almost being crushed by the crowd this is our view of Sakanaction behind the recycling!

More pretty light installations

Buddy Guy - Incredible!

Buddy Guy - Still amazed we were so close!

Its been a long day

Light installation at Orange Court

The spotty light installation again

Fuji Rock is even better because it family friendly

Unscheduled performance along the boardwalk

Garth on the boardwalk near Green Stage

Listening to Toe at Green Stage

Tina sleeping off her antihistamines at 'Toe' after being bitten by a spider.

Cool chair! It balances on two legs!

Tina and the psychedelic octopus at Orange Court

Explosions in the Sky


Our poor and broken feet

Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello

The Radiohead crowd

RadioheadRadiohead - I see you Thom!

Hanging out in Shimokitazawa


Summer is time for Coolish!

Cute little statue

Pretty flowers

If you have no garden - improvise!

River side walk in Yuzawa

Downtown Yuzawa

Hamburgers grow on palm trees here!

Garth is pretty excited by seeing this!

1:1 scale Gundam at Diver City - F***ing RAD!

Gundam at Diver City

Skills: Japan