Los Angeles and Las Vegas

In 2001, I was invited by my family to go along with them to Los Angeles for a bit of a holiday. I was 18, and just started to study photography at TAFE. I borrowed a camera for the trip, took several rolls of film with me and got on a plane.

This would be my first trip attempting to being conceptual with a camera. I was taught to in camera edit and take my time when shooting, this advise has stayed with me to this day. Looking back, it also started a tradition of monumental F-ups with my equipment on my trips and travels as I managed to lose 2 rolls of film. So as a result, there are only a few images that are left, this was in the days before digital cameras were accessible and affordable to all. I believe this made me a better photographer in the long run, as a consequence I spend more time looking for images rather than snapping away.

Skills: USA