New Caledonia

I went on a wonderful beach holiday to New Caledonia a few years ago for my birthday. I have spared you any “me posing here” shots and picked the more interesting ones. I hadn’t been there in many years and was looking forward to going back.

This most likely will sound like ‘first world problems’ and you’re correct in thinking that but this trip was one unfortunate event after another: panic attack on the plane, a workers protest with the ferry company that was suppose to take us to to Ilse of Pine, the company didn’t tell us there was a protest and left us on a dock in the dark, eventual severe sea sickness on the ferry, a cock up with dinner that had ben paid for and sat there wondering why we had no food, a banging and broken water pipe in our hotel room which kept us up all night, being on an island day trip with a boat load of Aussies from a P&O cruise.

It was actually all quite comical, so much so that it was one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever had!

Highlights were however, exploring some old penal colony ruins on the Isle of Pine, swimming in clear blue water, jumping off the side of a boat to snorkel, climbing one of the tallest lighthouses in the world and visiting the very cool Tjibaou Cultural Centre.

So despite all the cock-ups, we still had a great time.

Starting the holiday with a protest at the harbour

Isle of Pine

Isle of Pine

Isle of Pine - Penal Colony Ruins

Penal Colony Ruins road entrance

Penal Colony Ruins

Acces to rear entrance

covered in jungle

Isle of Pine

A local cow on the side of the road

Totem at Duck Island

Duck Island

Le Phare Amédée

Le Phare Amédée

Le Phare Amédée

One of the tallest lighthouses in the world

View from the top

Spiral stiarcase

Le Phare Amédée Lighthouse

Tjibaou Cultural Centre

Tjibaou Cultural Centre


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