Oslo and Vestfossen

In 2007 I was invited to exhibit some of my artworks by Galleri Van Bau in Vestfossen. So after some careful planing we jumped on a plane and went to Europe. It happened to be one of the wettest summers in Europe in years, and generally quite cool (I packed only light weight clothing thinking summer in Scandinavia meant the same thing as in Australia – shorts and t-shirts!) and what I was really not prepared for the long periods of daylight in Norway, the sun only goes down for a few hours at night before it rises again. I didn’t realise how much I relied on the sun for time markers during my day!

We stayed with my wonderful friend Petter, who housed us for the week, took us all over Oslo including some galleries and museums, saw some cool Viking history at the Viking boat Museum, an amazing exhibition by Candida Hofer and Sally Mann, art dreams come true! He also drove us to and from the gallery located in a town an hour or so our is Oslo called Vestfossen. A small village with a big art presence, it was a privilege to be included amongst such esteemed artists.

At the time it is the farthest I have ever been from home.

Aparement view

Aparement view Oslo

Train scenery

Farmland around Vestfossen on the train

it had been like that non stop for weeks

Tina and the rushing water

Open flood gate behind the gallery

Shot be Petter


Garth enjoying being some kind of field animal

Close up of wheat


Fresh berries

I am told this is a ham house

Swollen river near Drammen

On the way there

Farmlands around Vestfossen

No jumping cars

Traditional earth roof

Evening stroll to the ski jump behind the apartment

The boys

Back streets

Close up of the roof

Oslo view left

Oslo view right

View of the valley around 11pm

Discussing geography from the ski jump

Right under the jump

Can't believe they jump off this

So high up!


Me and my mate Petter

Bottom view of the ski jump

The only moose Garth got near

Medieval ruins

Medieval ruins

Oslo downtown

Air plane turbine laying around

Some close ups

Rear view of the turbine

What What! Oslo

Old castle fort Oslo

Old castle fort Oslo

Not happy about having his photo taken!

Old castle fort Oslo

Tourist in Oslo

Tourist wharf disctrict, Oslo

Tourist wharf disctrict, Oslo

The Royal Palace

Main street

The Viking Ship Museum

So cool!

Beautiful detail preserved

Close up

Tina and a viking!

Here we are

Near VestfossenLake outside Vestfossen

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