Tokyo To Mount Fuji

In 2008 on our way back from Europe we stopped at Japan. It was our first trip there, and it was nothing less than mind blowing. Tokyo has a special, pre-conceived ideal of a ‘greatest city of the world’ expectation to live up to. It does however have more to offer than fluorescent lights, busy crossings and Harajuku girls. We arrived for our very short stay right into the middle of a Japanese summer. Hot, humid, the sounds if cicada filling the air, and the melee that is Tokyo at any day or time of the week. But this metropolis is a well oiled machine. People get about and on with their day to day activities without difficulty or fuss. This album is a little more touristic than usual, it includes Fuji-san and the Lake Ashi at Hakone, the Imperial Palace gardens and the usual sites such as Shibuya, Harajuku, Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Park (where all gamut of exciting things can happen on the weekends), Tokyo Tower and a Shinkansen – the iconic Japanese ‘bullet train’.

Busy Sunday afternoon in Shinjuku Fluffy Trees Imperial Palace gardens Imperial Palace Walls Imperial Palace gardens Imperial Palace gardens Garth at the Imperial Palace Imperial Palace moat Downtown Tokyo business district The JR More JR Football anyone? Drum Practice Sword Practice Ohh Hit! Battle of the Bands - Yoyogi Park Rockin' Out! Park Msrkets Meiji Shrine Meiji Shrine Meiji Shrine Meiji Shrine Gate to Meiji Shrine Garte to Meiji Shrine Sake Barrels - Yoyogi Park In Yoyogi Park Yoyogi Park, where exciting things happen! For the '86 fanboys! IMG_6571 IMG_6569 copy Council worker Downtown Tokyo business district Trumpet player Practicing my cocktail tricks Fancy! Prayers left at Meiji Shrine Meiji Shrine Gate to Meiji Shrine - Yoyogi Park Gate to Meiji Shrine - Yoyogi Park Harajuku Street Shibuya Cool scooter Famous Shibuya Crossing Shibuya Crossing Hachiko statue, Shibuya  Akiba crosssing Shinjuku Akiba by day Commuter Parking More commuter parking Katamari Under and over Swift delivery Shinjuku Table and chairs First ride on the Shinkansen Samuri Imperial Palace gardens Garth at the summit Komagatake Shrine Abandoned science Abandoned attractions The cable car we came up on! Komagatake Shrine Shrine Path Tina at the Komagatake Shrine Big! WOO! Made it! Shrine ruins, Komagatake Mountain Fuji San View looks safe! Garth and the view Freezing! Komagatake Shrine Scarey cable car, Komagatake Pretty high up! Hakone wharf Nice afternoon on the lake, Lake Ashi Out of Service, Lake Ashi Swam boats on Lake Ashi Garths token flag shot, Lake Ashi Garth, Lake Ashi On the boat, Lake AshiA hotel apparently, Lake AshiFuji vista what a monument! Nice view Ohh SNOW! Mount Fuji visitors Hikers on their way to the summitSnax! Busy day Visitors Centre Fuji Base Fuji San Fuji San Theme park Tokyo Tower  Stairs to go down! Tokyo Tower Mos Burger advise On the Narita Express _MG_6566 copy Zojo-Ji and Tokyo Tower So hot! Steamy view over Tokyo Sprawling cityscape _MG_6549 copy _MG_6543 copy Zojo-Ji Imperial Palace gardens The Imperial Palace Imperial Palace gardens Bird on a platform Imperial Palace outer wall uhhh Ohh record store Convenient vending machines near our hotel Tokyo Textures Fire safety not an issue Back streets of Shibuya Abstracted train station JR Yamanato Line Abstract Tokyo ShinjukuShinjuku

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