Venice Florence Road Trip

In 2009 I went to Italy to visit my mum who was visiting my sister who was living in Europe at the time. Yes, confusing. They were driving from Paris on a 2 week road trip and I flew in to meet them in Milan, Italy to continue on tripping.

Firstly, the absolute worst thing that can ever happen to a traveller is to lose all their holiday photos. Well it happened to me. I luckily was shooting on film on the side while I was away so I have a few extras, they are a bit more artistic than I would normally shoot with the crappy point-and-shoot I had at the time.

After a long flight, a shower and some breakfast we set off on the Italian leg of the road trip. Heading around Lake Como to Bedizzole for a few nights staying in a very nice argriturismo, from we drove around the region visiting Verona for a day trip and many small towns with delicious foods.

Working out way to Venice for a few nights, I’ve never bee so cold. On to Florence for a few more nights, again in a home stay. We visited the old part of the city, Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi gallery, I found my leather jacket, and had an amazing porccetta sandwich.

Moving onto another town called La Spezia, staying in someones house, but were very nice and helpful with directions as we were having trouble finding our way to the Cinque Terre, we did make it in the end and it was beautiful, lots of walking along the cliffs.

We left La Spezia, made a brief stop at Portovenere for some pesto and focaccia, stopped off to see Pisa, then headed towards the grey and cold city of Genova and onto to alpine town of Aosta for some fondu and raclette for the night.  The next day stopping for lunch in the Italian Alps Courmayer before heading through the Mont Blanc tunnel to my Aunts in France.


Looking for George Clooney's villa

On the road from Milan

The olive grove on the driveway of our hotel in Bedizzole

At Lake Como


One of many narrow passageways

Lion fountain

Cute little houses

Looking for Juliettes balcony

Roman Ruins, Verona

Channeling Atget

Music school attached to a church, Verona

Cafe, Verona


Inside the music school, being serenaded by a cello


Great stair case and entry hall

View from our hotel window, sort of canal views

Stairs at the Rialto heading to the 'burbs

"Pull the boat over, I need to duck into the shop for some milk"

Twin doors, Murano

Roof, Murano

Working hard

murano burbs

right near the Rialto

Venice in the non tourist part

Pier at Murano

Some Roman ruins, Murano

Another St. Mary tucked away

Lots of Saint Marys about

A nice place for a spot of lunch

Light house

A House

Hotel lobby in Venice

some Venetian graffiti

grafitti and flowers

A little passage way in the Venice ghettos


Foot paths ready and waiting for the floods, Venice

Piazza San Marco

More gondolas

Doge Palace inner courtyard

Grand Canal

Some family - Mum and Sister

Burano's famous colourful buildings

Parking spaces

Sister and some confused tourists in a gondola

Some gondolas

Lots of pigeons

Tour guide mascot - "follow the doll people"

Doge Palace inner courtyard

The view from the Ponte Sospiri

One of the many island near Venice

Doge Palace, Venice

Inside the Doge Palace

Oh! There I am!

Piazza San Marco, Venice



another passageway
Front door



Arno River, Florence

Ponte Vecchio, Firenze

Ponte Vecchio, Firenze

Locks on the Ponte Vecchio

Santa Croce, Florence

Duomo, Santa Croce, Florence

Footpath in a nice part of Florence

Foggy view from out villa in Florence

Queue at the gate cemetery, Pisa

Castle wall, Pisa

Outskirts of Verona

Castle wall, Pisa

Downtown La Spezia

War buncker in Cinque Terre

Broken stairs, Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre village

Cinque Terre village

Cinque Terre port

Cinque Terre village

Cinque Terre
Fisherman at Cinque Terre
Gate on cliff, Cinque Terre
Old, ruined holiday lets, Cinque Terre

Old, ruined holiday lets, Cinque Terre
Some ruins in La Spezia

La Spezia

Foggy olive grove at the back of our villa

Foggy landscape on the road

Somewhere in France


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